Solvent Inks

Solvent based screen printing inksSolvent Screen Printing Inks

Ink Solutions manufactures and supplies a wide variety of solvent based screen printing inks. Solvent Screen Inks come are available in a range of spot colours, Process colours and Fluoro for screen printing for on a wide range of substrates.


FluteSolve screen printing ink for corflute signs and Colorbond SignBoard


Solvent screen ink designed for printing on Corflute – Coroplast signs and Colorbond Signboard

Plastisolve solvent ink for screenprinting on vinyl and acrylic substrates


Solvent based ink system for screen-printing onto Vinyl, Acrylic and PVC based substrates

MultiSolve 2 pack screen printing ink for metal and metal signs


Solvent based two pack ink system for printing on a multiple of difficult substrates like glass, plastic and metal

PaperSolve solvent based ink for screen printing on gloss paper or cardboard


Solvent based screen printing ink for printing on gloss paper based and cardboard substrates

PaperSolve Matt screen printing ink for matt paper cardboard and board


Solvent silkscreen printing ink for printing on Matt paper based and cardboard substrates

PolySolve solvent ink for screen printing on posters


Solvent serigraphy ink for screenprinting on poster paper available in  process,

spot and fluoro colours

Balloon ink for screen printing on balloons and latex rubber

Balloon Ink         

Solvent screen printing ink for Balloons and other Latex Rubber products

ScratchSolve scratch off screen ink for scratch lottery tickets


Solvent based scratch off ink for printing on scratch lottery tickets – available in gold or silver